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Let us be honest now, the overwhelming majority of people don’t know the very foundations of Islam. Even those who think they do, in reality haven’t even sniffed the fragrance of knowledge. Let's try a simple question: Why is Shaytaan a disbeliever and bound to the hell-fire when He believed in Allah as the One True Lord who was in charge and in control of the entire world, as a matter of fact he believed in Allah as the One and only Lord with more conviction than most humans because he actually SPOKE to Allah?
If you are struggling with the answer or are unsure about it, then I've prove my point. The Muslim Survival Guide that will assist you in navigating your way towards Allah SWT! In fact, I challenge you to find a place in the west that offers the most important and necessary knowledge that you need in order to be a Muslim. For this reason I invite you to join me inside the Muslim Survival Guide, on this long term journey together, where I will teach you the very essential basics of Islam that most of us don't know.

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